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About the Ohio School Plan

The Ohio School Plan was formed in February 2002 to provide affordable, comprehensive, stable coverage to schools. It is governed by Ohio school officials, for Ohio's schools. The Board of Directors is made up of superintendents, treasurers and business managers, representing a diverse group of school districts throughout the state. The goal of OSP is to have the program meet the common needs of Ohio's schools.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Ohio School Plan has grown to become the largest alternative insurance program for public schools in the state. One reason for this growth is the Plan's strategy to provide long-term stability for property, liability, fleet and violence coverage for Ohio's public schools.

The purpose of the Ohio School Plan is for schools to join together to form a program as authorized by Ohio Revised Code 2744.081 to:

  • Establish and administer a risk management program.
  • Prevent or lessen the incidence and/or severity of losses occurring from activities of the school.
  • Defend and protect members against allegations of negligence or loss.

The OSP's risk management specialists will assist to create safer schools, help meet state requirements and reduce or eliminate risk. For those risks transferred to the Ohio School Plan, you'll rest easy knowing your coverage's are solid and supported by some of the best known names in the reinsurance industry.


More About Ohio School Plan
Just a few of the benefits of being a member of the Ohio School Plan include:

Governing body of peer

Homogeneous membership
   committed to risk

Membership equity providing
   additional non-coverage
   benefits to members

Dedicated specialized claims
   handlers with local legal
   defense experts

Comprehensive coverage at
   competitive rates

Non-assessable, non-
   auditable coverage

Member access to local
   service and underwriting

Ohio School Plan - Governed By Ohio School Officials For Ohio's Schools

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