Risk Management

Focusing on safety.

Risk Management

Providing a safe learning environment is critical to the social and emotional development of all students.

Risk permeates every aspect of running a school district. From the opening of the school doors daily to the extra-curricular activities offered to the transportation of children to and from school premises, risk is present in the delivery of all school services.

Using many years of claim and loss control experience, our risk management team collaborates with each member to create a unique risk management profile. Profiles are created by categorizing typical loss exposures into Core Areas of Risk. Focusing loss prevention efforts into core areas allows our members, regardless of size or operations, to concentrate their efforts on real loss control methods.

Travis Thompson

Travis Thompson

Vice president, Risk Management

Our goal is to look for ways beyond insurance to better control loss. Collaborating with our members empowers them to manage their risk more actively.
To create a safe school environment;
To prevent catastrophic financial losses; and
To provide budgetary stability.

OSP’s risk management service includes:

Employee Manual Review

Background Checks




Cyber Data


Public Records

Employee Training

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