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Claim Reporting & Inquiry Services
24 Hours a Day / 365 Days a Year

When an accident or loss occurs


Claim Types:

All claims, regardless of type ( Liability, Automobile, or Property or Violence)
should be reported to:

Telephone: 1-866-825-2467 (1-866-8CLAIMS), or
Fax: 1-800-924-6615


How To Report a Claim:

Report Accidents or Losses Immediately

Via Telephone: 
To expedite the telephonic reporting process, below lists typical questions asked. Donít delay reporting the claim, even if all the information or the Police Report is not immediately available. Immediate notification is the most important thing you can do to reduce your loss.
Via Fax:
When faxing a loss report include as much of the information noted below as possible for the type of claim being reported.


General Inquiry Service:

For general claim information or for a follow-up on a previously reported claim, use this general inquiry number:


Information Needed to
Report a Claim

The following information is needed at the time of initial claim reporting. An adjuster will follow up to seek additional details on a reported claim.

Ohio School Plan Claims Team
(Bottom Row, Left to Right: Amy Finnegan, Laurie Boyce
Top Row, Left to Right: Angie Ramirez, Steve Kennedy,
Patty Dabrowski, Bill Petro, Janice Sharp)


Liability or Automobile Claims:

  • Name of District, Entity, COG or other policyholder
  • Address
  • Policy Number
  • Policyholder contact person – title – phone number
  • Date of occurrence – Time of occurrence
  • Location of occurrence
  • Make/Model of your vehicle involved
  • Name of claimant (s) – address – phone number – description of their vehicle
  • Policy agency involved – contact person – phone number
  • Legal action filed?
  • Brief description of occurrence

Property Claims: in addition to the above also include the below for Property losses.

  • Type of loss (fire, wind, vandalism, etc.)
  • Does loss shut down operation of facility?
  • Is immediate service required?

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