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Risk management has become one of the most important disciplines within both the public and private sectors. Risk permeates every aspect of running a school district. From the opening of the school doors daily, to the extra-curricular activities offered, to the transportation of children to and from school premises, risk is present in the delivery of all school services.

Risk management attempts to eliminate or reduce the detrimental effects of those risks that cannot be avoided while continuously seeking ways beyond insurance to manage, prevent and minimize risk.

The goal of risk management should be threefold:

  1. To create a safe school environment
  2. To prevent catastrophic financial losses
  3. To provide budgetary stability

The Hylant Administrative Services Risk Management Department is available to assist your public school in identifying existing or potential liability, and fleet exposures. Our mutual goal should be to provide a safe environment, minimize losses and in the case of liability claims, have your school in the most defensible position possible.

To reach this goal our services include:

  • A Risk Management Profile - A risk management representative will identify existing and/or potential liability and property exposures by collecting information through a questionnaire pertaining to the operations of a school, DD or educational service related district.
  • Recommendations - Recommendations will be made from the information gathered during the profile to assist in reducing identified areas of liability and property exposures.
  • Technical Assistance - On-site visits to discuss problem areas, specific concerns, and to assist in the development of written policies and procedures tailored to educational or DD operations.
  • Policy and Procedure Review - The Risk Management Department will review established policy and procedure manuals and offer written opinions from the review.

To contact a Risk Management Services Representative, call 1-800-288-6821, or contact your representative at info@ohioschoolplan.org or at the numbers/email below:

Greg Hennecke
Phone: 419-724-1920
Email: Greg.Hennecke@hylant.com
Wendy Jaqua
Phone: 419-724-1921
Email: wendy.jaqua@hylant.com
Travis Thompson
Phone: 419-259-2748
Email: Travis.Thompson@hylant.com

Risk Management Territories

Resource Materials
The HAS Risk Management Department maintains resource material and suggested policies and procedures on a variety of topics. If you are looking for guidance or a starting point on how to address a specific risk concern in your school district, please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 1-800-288-6821 or search for specific topics in the Gateway Library.



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