Cyber Coverage Options

May 3, 2022

Cyber threats continue to impact many aspects of our lives, and the educational space is no exception.

Cyber threats and attacks are becoming more widespread, and at the same time, the insurance marketplace is reducing coverage options and limits while increasing premium costs and deductible levels.

Ohio School Plan is stepping up in a few ways to provide our members with coverage options during this challenging time.

Ohio School Plan is providing all members with a ‘master policy’ option provided by Great American Insurance Company. In addition, all members are being reviewed for eligibility for an individual policy with multiple carriers.

All members will be able to review and accept the cyber option that fits the needs of their district based on their eligibility.

The Ohio School Plan board of directors understands the importance of cyber coverage for its members. To ensure members have access to affordable cyber coverage, the board is subsidizing in excess of $400,000 of the premium cost of the master policy, which is in keeping with Ohio School Plan’s position of doing as much as possible to provide cost effective coverage benefits to our members.

Additional information will be forthcoming regarding your school district’s cyber security renewal options.

Your Ohio School Plan representative is available to answer questions and address any concerns you may have.

The cyber market is expected to be challenging as we move forward. We encourage all members to prepare for increased difficulty in placing cost-effective solutions for the foreseeable future.