Policy Renewal Time

March 1, 2022

It’s time to begin your districts Ohio School Plan renewal application process.

We have a convenient renewal application and system support in place. This tool will help you promptly review and submit your renewal application and help us expedite your policy renewal.

Ohio School Plan members can manage their renewal process and policies through the Member Gateway system.

Web-based system benefits:

  • Access coverage binders
  • Create and print auto ID cards
  • Request certificates of coverage
  • Access renewal proposals
  • Request policy changes/endorsements
  • Review/Update renewal applications and submit to Ohio School Plan for quotes
  • Access risk management resources and materials
  • Access and save policies into your directory or print hard copies

Your Ohio School Plan representative is available to answer any questions and address any of your concerns.

The Member Gateway, a password-protected web-based system, allows members access to their policy information anytime and anywhere.