Student Accident Coverage

August 19, 2021

Accident insurance plan options for all students and athletes.

Ohio School Plan is excited to provide you direct access to an alternative accident insurance plan. These programs can help take the worry out of school-sponsored activities and/or athletic events by providing supplemental accident medical insurance for students and/or athletic participants.

What it is?

Group blanket accident coverage for all students, or voluntary coverage selected individually by parents and students. Coverage is supplemental to parental health insurance coverage, so it can help with high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for parents.

Accident insurance protection helping provide:

  • For the Student ‐ Sound coverage with a selection of plan options
  • For the Parent ‐ Additional financial security to help in times of increasing medical costs
  • For You ‐ The fulfillment of an administrative service and responsibility

How does it work?

Your school district completes the application, which allows Student Protective Agency to accept student applications. Once the school district application is received, Student Protective Agency will provide your school district with the student PDF and claims forms. The student then sends directly to Student Protective Agency with payment to start coverage.

Questions? Contact your Ohio School Plan representative or Guarantee Trust Life to learn more.

Product offered by Guarantee Trust Life through Student Protective Agency.